SETI, the latest collaboration between Alex Paterson and Andy Falconer of The Orb, takes listeners on an enchanting nighttime voyage through the cosmos. It’s an “ambient unplugged” experience filled with acoustic instruments and nostalgic samples, bridging the realms of old-world charm and uncharted territories. The album presents a harmonious blend of glacial-paced melodies, Nyabinghi percussion, mandolin, and acoustic guitar, offering a unique fusion of elements.

SETI, which stands for Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, not only explores the universe but also provides a comfortable, chill-out space within its musical ambience. This record is a testament to the creative synergy between Paterson and Falconer, who effortlessly navigate uncharted musical territory, building on decades of trust and shared curiosity.

The album is set to be released in February 2024.